• Slip Resistance: The special rubber and new grip profile are crucial for ensuring that the wearer can maintain stable footing even on inclined or slipperysurfaces, such as roofs. 

  • Comfort: The use of orthopaedic leather lining and a leather insole indicates a focus on providing maximum comfort for the wearer. This is important for those who may spend extended periods of time on their feet.

  • Durability: The absence of lateral seams in the upper part of the shoe is a thoughtful design choice. Seams are often points of vulnerability in footwear, and eliminating them enhances the overall durability of the product.

  • Wearing Properties: The emphasis on flexibility in the sole is a significant feature. This allows for natural movement and adaptability to the contours of the roof, potentially reducing fatigue and strain on the wearer

  •  Weight: The use of a lightweight PUR (polyurethane) sole core is an important consideration. When working on roofs, particularly at heights, minimizing the weight of the footwear can enhance both safety and comfort


By combining these features, this footwear appears to be a highly specialized and well-engineered product for professionals who work on roofs. It takes into account the unique challenges and demands of such a task.

                                                                                             Won't let you down